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Konnichiwa Japan

Japan is the blooming Asian island nation with skyrocketing buildings and pop culture. It is a must travel destination for anyone who wants to explore the beauty of Buddhism teachings and its influence, cherry blossoms, neon sky-high buildings, and breathtaking greenery. Tokyo, the metropolitan capital city is one of the populous cities in the world. Being the words second largest importer of oil japan is world known for their advanced technological inventions. Here are few must dos for a first time visitor to experience the real japan to make it a memorable one

Rayokan experience

Rayokans are traditional inns located away from the busy city toward the country side. Known for their kind hospitality pr Melbourne spending few nights at a Rayokan will assist you in experiencing the Japanese customs. Dressing in light fitting robes called “yukata” and removing the shoes are some of the Rayokan traditions. Most Rayokans are surrounded with natural hot springs which locals believe that bathing in them helps one to stay healthier and younger. The multi course kaiseki dinner is another highlight of Rayokan experience which will allow the customers to taste the most seasonal and local variety of dishes

Tsukiji fish market tour

Japan is world known for their fish and cousins created around the fresh goods. Tsukiji is a great place to visit to grab some fresh produce and to taste some amazing breakfast sushi off the road side vendors. Known as the world’s largest fish market, Tsukiji is a great place for seafood lovers. Early moring tuna auction is one of the attractions if you are up for some 3.00am fish smelling. 

Sake tasting

Sake is a traditional Japanese drink, one of the most popular drinks among Japanese men. There are incredible varieties of sake beverage, yet most visitors only get the opportunity to taste the average sake which is most commonly offered in all restaurants. With the help of a professional sake taste guide you can visit the best sake bars and taste the best quality sakes, and learn how to enjoy it the best.

Naoshima Art Island

This island of art is one of the most beautiful places in japan with offering for affordable luxury. Even thou the island is known for its artistic masterpieces anyone with the taste for beautiful, unique places can also enjoy their visit to Naoshima Island. This Inland Sea Island had few yet breathtaking art exhibits in museums and galleries such as Chichu art museum and Benesse house. If you fancy spending a night at the island Benesse house is the best option, as this museum also expands as a luxury hotel with breathtaking views.

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Some Laws Of Workplace Security

Security in the workplace is an important aspect of ensuring happy work life of the people working in a company. You don’t have to guess why it is important because you can ensure the security through some easy measures that will guide your workers to lead a better work life. It is possible for workers to come under electronic and physical access of things that can be harmful. Threats are there everywhere. The armed security guard to the office floor, everything can be risky and often take lives. Don’t worry, there is a solution too.

Tips to ensure workplace security

• The first thing that you shall take into account is the physical security of the people working in the company. Give them the comfortable uniforms that suits the requirement. For example, if safety boots are required, ensured each of them get the pair of boots from the company. They shall wear the same or shall not be allowed to enter the office.

• Safety audit is important to ensure that the place is ready for the work that is going to commence. This audit including checking the medical facilities, workwear, floor, maintenance and many such things that are related to security. You may need to run such audit once in a while to ensure the place is safe to work.

• Threat assessment is another most important part of ensure workplace security. This will let you know the parameters that are risky and this will help you understand how to deal with the same. This has to be done from time to time to ensure workplace security.

• Make sure your workers are aware of the safety norms of the company. You can have a training session for them or can also provide a guideline to ensure that they all have the written information. You can email them from time to time if there is any change in the whole thing. This is not going to be difficult if you follow some proper rules in your company. Make it a part of induction for the employees especially if you are working in a risky environment.

• Last but not the least is to have insurance for the workers. This will ensure that your workers feel safe to work in the company. You will be also relaxed that if anything happens in the workplace, you have the insurance coverage.

There are several companies today that are following the guidelines to ensure security of the workers in the workplace. This is not only beneficial but also sustainable in the long run. There are some advisors you can consult with to customize the security norms in the company. This is not going to be costly but can save a lot of money and time in the long run.

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